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Research Studies on NLP

Early academic research on NLP was not favorable and there were terrible design flaws as NLP did not meet the therapy model and was not testable in the traditional sense.  There were a number of methodological and design issues that have made it difficult to get good ongoing research in the field.  Here is text…Read More

Handling Conflict

We all experience moments in life when we feel conflict. Conflict involves clashing or contradictory emotional experiences. NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming offers a number of techniques for dealing with conflict. Since the NLP founders developed NLP from the foundation of Behavior Modeling starting in the 1970’s, NLP is a set of techniques and skills…Read More

World Class NLP Trainer Introduces Neuro Linguistic Programming

World Class NLP Trainer Introduces Neuro Linguistic Programming World-class NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner and coach talks about what NLP can do for you. NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming, the success technology the sky-rocketed Anthony Robbins to number one motivational speacker world-wide is perhaps the most power technology for personal change and business excellence on the…Read More

Emotion and NLP

Emotion: What is it? How does it work? How can you recognize it in others? How can I change it? Do I experience mood because something happens in the world around me (circumstance), or can I take control of my emotional reality and preselect my emotional states? Emotion is associated with mood, temperament, personality, and…Read More