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Getting to the Real Issue

Getting to the Real Issue I want to address the pattern for ‘Getting to the Real Issue’ inside a few different contexts.  You’ll find this simple skill-set an invaluable tool to have in your toolbox and it can save hours you might otherwise spend talking people through their presenting problems and complaints.  It requires listening…Read More

Leadership and Your Mirror Neurons

I am always talking about mirror neurons in my NLP workshops in our Wednesday Night NLP MeetUps and in our 1st Saturday NLP High Performance Business workshops the last few months.  The Saturday workshops have been exploring high performance, relationship-based business.  I found the following article that links leadership with mirror neuron cells, spindle cells,…Read More

ReInvent Yourself with the Total Win Mindset

Re-Invent Yourself in Your Relationships, Family, and Community With the Total Win Mindset Here’s an area that is often overlooked in personal growth and coaching, even by the best of professional coaches.  You’ve been a process of Re-Inventing Yourself.  You have much stronger ego boundaries and you’ve realized you can generally have what you want…Read More