Staying Positive in Difficult Times

OK! We are still in a difficult economic time in the US. The economy shows signs of recovery, but it is a long way from filtering down to the average person. Poeple are in transition. Some have lost homes, jobs, relationships, and confidence in themselves and others.

I’ve managed to keep my NLP Coaching and Skills Training business afloat while other small businesses have folded. Where some of my clients were coming to me a couple of years ago to move themselves up the ladder at work, or the next level in their real estate careers, now I have some managing bankruptcy, and some staying in jobs they do not like because they’ve been afraid to risk changing jobs, and some afraid to speak up about the work load for similar reasons.

A big part of what I’ve been doing, is helping my coaching clients keep positive and moving forward toward the outcomes they say they want. I actually start with making sure my client can take a good hard look at where she is right now. Coming to grips with that is important, and you may need someone to help you from getting stuck in negative feelings. It’s also important to move on past those feelings. What you focus on is what you create. So, we focus on creating a future. For some, it is difficult to set new goals stated in the positive and action-oriented when the future is so hard to predict. Still, highly successful people have made their careers in down economic times.

I ask my clients where the opportunities are most likely to be and have them create a possible future they can see, hear, taste, smell, and feel as vividly as they can and then I encourage them to keep making those positive pictures and having those positive feelings. In a way, it’s not so important what the circumstances of the present reality are; you can focus on a future you want and make it so compelling that you cannot help but do what is necessary to acheive it. NLP skills can help you anchor in resourceful states so that you can easily access them anytime, anywhere. What if you could simply snap your fingers and you would immediately find yourself in one of the most powerfully positive states you have ever experienced?

A resourceful belief system in NLP is that, your unconscious mind cannot distinguish from what you vividly imagine and what actually happens. Clients demonstrate that they are more resourceful in taking appropriate action when they focus attention on what is positive than if they allow themselves to focus on the negative. They can then make better choices from the resources they choose to live their lives from than from the focus on current perception of circumstances happening to them. It’s all about creating more neurological choices. No matter what the perception of present circumstances, when you get far enough into the future the perspective will have changed and you have more sense of control over what you choose to do now to take you to the future you desire.

Here are my NLP Steps to Success:
1. Know where you are.
2. Know where you want to go. (Create a future worth spending your time, energy and resources to achieve. Enjoy the journey.)
3. Make a plan. (Set goals as outcomes.)
4. Follow your plan. (Have enough sensory acuity to notice when you are on track and when you need to adjust your course and continue to take action toward achieving what you say you want.)

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