What is Co-Dependency? Sometimes just becoming aware that an unresourceful pattern is working in your life can be useful with regard to changing behaviors.  However, asking the question, “Am I codependent in my relationship(s)?,” is not always an easy question to answer.  When you can identify codependent behaviors it is much easier to take action…Read More

Building Your Business-Modeling Success

difficulty with focus and just not knowing what to do to be successful…The indecision and ambiguity of the situation can leave a person in state of flux or limbo that feels…, well, ‘yucky’. …I think that people can get addicted to negative chemistry

Third Generation NLP & Coaching

The shift to Third Generation is characterized by the movement to the larger perspective of connection and resources immediately become available that will change every thought, every action, and guide every choice that now emerges from the interaction of coach and client.