NLP Master Practitioner Certification

What is Required to Become a Master Practitioner of NLP?

The 5-Day Condensed NLP Master Practitioner Certification is coming up soon October 1-14, 2012 in Phoenix Arizona.  As you will know if you are already a Certified NLP Practitioner, NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is considered to be an experiential art and science.  This 5-Day Program includes audio and video pre-study materials to supplement the actual class time training hours.  The usual requirement for certification is 120 hours of training, not all of which have to be classroom hours.  After years of training we have discovered that some NLP training course material can be learned by study on your own and some really needs to be hands-on, experiential training with a competent trainer who can pinpoint the learning and challenge you to stretch yourself in ways necessary to develop proficiency with the specific skill-sets and attitudes of the NLP Master Practitioner.

What Will I Learn in this Training?

From the prerequisite training at NLP practitioner certification level you will already know how to master your own states of excellence and you have developed the ability to gain deep and lasting rapport with just about anyone, anywhere regardless of conditions.  In addition, you learned NLP Practitioner level Life-Change Patterns of NLP.  You should have learned basic accelerated learning techniques that sped up your learning process. You have had basic hypnotic language skills modeled for you.   You learned about the Meta Model and you find yourself using language patterns on a regular basis to influence with integrity, help others make changes necessary to get more of what they say is important in life.

In the upcoming NLP Master Practitioner Certification program you will take your NLP skills to the next level.  You will learn to establish push-pull propulsion motivational systems for your clients, friends and other subjects.  You will learn at a much more advanced level how to enhance your own states, use advanced eye access cues, predicates, submodalities, strategies, anchoring, framing and reframing, and belief system change work and specific Life Change Patterns of NLP that have build upon the skills you learned before in ways that combine together in much more sophisticated ways.  In addition, you will learn to break down hypnotic language skills, both MetaModel and Milton Model, at a very conscious level so that they reintegrate more deeply than you could ever anticipated from your practitioner level training.  You will learn to use time line process, MetaPrograms of NLP, ReImprinting Patterns, and 3rd Generation NLP frameworks that will geometrically enhance your abilities.  You will also learn to construct therapeutic metaphors several layers deep and distinctions between classic psychotherapy methods and those of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  You will learn the deeper understandings and generates the ability to coach clients, friends and business associates.  These skills, beliefs and attitudes will be taught with Excelerated Learning(c) techniques to speed learning and embed knowledge deeply within your conscious and unconscious programming.

Small Group Intimate Learning

Your NLP Master Practitioner Certification will be a smaller group than some of the training programs that are offered world-wide.  Bill Thomason will be your trainer for this exciting journey into excellence.  Bill is an NLP Master Trainer, the highest level of training in the field of NLP with more that a quarter century experience training people, like you, to be the very best they can be and in almost any area of life you might imagine.  You will receive individual attention and you can expect guest presenters who will expand your experience.  Expect to be fully heard, nudged beyond your normal limits, and an environment of safety to be established that will allow you to try thing you would normally have tried.  Bill says, “You have to let go of the shore before you can sail to exotic new ports of discovery, so to speak.’

Contact Bill at NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute in Phoenix, Arizona 85022.  602 321-7192,

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By Bill Thomason, Executive Coach, Certified NLP Master Trainer