NLP Anxiety Cure Pattern

Answer to [nlpskills] eGroup post on Yahoo Groups:

Thanks for your post and request for more information regarding my thread on
anxiety. I’ve been doing an internet search and most what I see there is at
the level of platitudes with regard to eliminating anxiety. Some say do
meditation, but no specific information on how to do it or to apply it to
the issue at hand.

I’m really not sure where to start answering your questions. I use a very
simplified NLP time line based process to show people that they have control
over their emotional states. I don’t even introduce the complete model for time
line. I do it so often that I don’t know what example would be useful. Try
it. It’s very simple. NLP is subjective. You can’t get it by thinking about it. You just have to do it.

Either get (client/friend) him/her in touch with me OR, do it yourself. Ask your
friend/client to access a specific example of anxiety. As soon as your
client/friend accesses the state of anxiety, you should be able to easily
calibrate that. Ask where he/she feels the sensations of anxiety in the
body (this anchors the state). I ask if it is based on a future event or
past event so that I can determine if it’s anxiety. If it’s based in the
past, it’s something else. This is now simple. Have your client/friend
imagine a future moment far enough out to experience significant relief or
even laughability. Have them be in that future moment and experience the
full sensations of being in the moment, seeing what they see, hearing what
they hear, and feeling what they feel, etc. Experience the good feelings and
keep them. Now simply jump him/her back to the present keeping the good
feelings, bringing them now into the present moment. Break state and have
him/her focus on things in the room or other environment to anchor present.
Make sure you have a good ‘break state’ and then check your work. Have
him/her think about the thing he/she was anxious about and notice the
feelings are gone or significantly reduced. Future pace the experience of
having the feeling now different in a few future moments. Just suggest they
will continue to notice the changed feelings later today and over the next
days, weeks, months etc. .

This one is so easy and effective you will be able to determine for yourself
that it is effective. With a few experiences of it, you will gain
confidence that the pattern works amazingly well. In the event that you get
someone who doesn’t notice a dramatic improvement immediately, you will want
to do some ecology work. There is secondary gain and perhaps some good
reason not to let go of the anxiety. Every behavior is there for a positive
intent and purpose.

If you person can get relief from one event, she/he can get relief in
various other examples until.

I actually now have another simple process that I believe will be effective
in addition to the process above. Look for another blog entry, Big Toe Anxiety Eliminator.

Bill Thomason
NLP Success Coach
Certified NLP Trainer
602 321-7192