Leadership and Your Mirror Neurons

I am always talking about mirror neurons in my NLP workshops in our Wednesday Night NLP MeetUps and in our 1st Saturday NLP High Performance Business workshops the last few months.  The Saturday workshops have been exploring high performance, relationship-based business.  I found the following article that links leadership with mirror neuron cells, spindle cells, and oscillators.  Mirror neurons are cells that cause people to experience the learning of other people.  Brain scans of those whose observe a behavior tend to have the same pathways through the brain and nervous system light up the same way as the doer of the behavior.  Charismatic leaders seem to have more well developed mirror neurons and those who don’t can theoretically improve their leadership skills by practicing and getting coaching or taking training in social business skills.  The article is a bit more technical than the average article on this blog, but it is digestible.  Please tell me what you think. It’s a .pdf file.


Bill Thomason

Certified NLP Master Trainer

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