Flirting Skills

An NLP Based Workshop

“Hi there. “What’s your sign?” Sound familiar? Most people equate the approach above as part of the language used in flirting. The “art of firtation,” however, is far more than just a cunning phrase or worn out line. And we are all involved in flirting all the time, whether in a social setting or a business situation.

Flirting is a natural part of our lives that has to do with our desire to achieve “rapport” with another person. Have you ever met someone and immediately felt as if you had known that person all your life? Well, that’s rapport! Rapport is the ability to communicate with another person in a fashion that goes beyond the normal defense mechanisms of the individual. In the best case, “rapport” happens so naturally that you don’t notice consciously how it happens. You simply “feel good” about the other person. It is as if they are “just like you”.

Bill Thomason has developed a fun filled, NLP based “Flirting Skills” workshop that is designed to help you change old programming and learn specific new skills for gaining instant rapport with anyone, anywhere,…even the people who have been the most difficult for you to approach in the past. NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is new technology about how the brain works and how your behavior is being constantly programmed by the language you use and by what you do.

NLP is a set of tools that can transform your ability to achieve any outcome you desire in life. Flirting is a powerful tool. As you learn the skills taught in this one-day workshop, your attunement to the signals of others is greatly enhanced. As a result, you gain more flexibility in communicating with the individual that is in front of you at that particular moment. These skills can help you to break down walls and barriers and enable you to communicate in a way that your partner will not read defensively. As a result, he or she will gain interest and trust in you, and thus you build rapport.

“Attraction,” explains Mr. Thomason, “happens when two people speak the same language. However, only a small part of language is actually expressed by words. A greater part is tone of voice and body language.” The Flirting Skills workshop will teach specific skills for reading and understanding where a person is coming from including their stance, body movements, facial expressions, and language patterns and then incorporate that insight into your own personalized communication to that person? Flirting skills can even enhance office and business relationships. Flirting can help you gain rapport with an associate and influence him or her to your benefit. These skills might help you get your project endorsed … get a promotion or raise … close a sale … or make a friend.

Bill Thomason’s Flirting Skills workshop also addresses the issue of “appropriateness” of flirting. As a natural outgrowth of learning the skills, Bill explains, “you tend to make fewer mistakes reading just what the other person means to say by his or her communication, and so you reduce the chances of misunderstandings. And as become more conscious of how communication works, you learn to set your limits and boundaries more clearly. This, in turn, reduces chances of exploitation in the workplace and may help to prevent sexual harassment. Some cases of harassment are a result of simply not knowing what the limits are; what is appropriate and what is not.”

Bill Thomason’s “Flirting Skills” program is a playful, light-hearted approach to discovering the resources you already have within you and gaining more access to those resources.


The article above is reproduced from a 1992 newspaper article in Northside People, Dallas, Texas