Confusion to Excitement

NLP Presupposition: ‘Confusion is the leading edge of understanding.’ 

Corollary: ‘When confused, get excited because you are just about to learn.’

From my college days, we used to joke, ‘The darkest hour is just before you pass out.’  But seriously, when I had to write a paper or had been cramming for exams, I often reached a point of confusion, and if I just stayed with it, something magical would happen.  The information would come together in some particular way and I’d have an idea that would create a new understanding.  I imagine you’ve had a similar experience in life.

So, in those moments that you are experiencing confusion or even overwhelm, that’s a really good thing.  Get excited!  AND, hook that up inside yourself.  (Anchor it!)  Starting with a memory of something that seemed overwhelming or confusing to you.  Notice where you feel that in your body as you remember it now.  Does it express itself most in your gut, or throat, or heart area?  Stop and shake that off.  Let your eyes focus on objects around you for a moment.  And then you can, of course, think of some moment in your life that was a moment of excitement, can’t you?  Think of a specific experience as if you are in it now, seeing what you saw, hearing what you heard, and feeling, breathing, moving your body the way you did then.  It doesn’t have to be related to whatever brought on the confused state.  You can connect, or anchor it, to your breathing.  Take a little short breath.  Just let yourself be excited now and every time you get to a point of confusion and notice that you do learn something important now.  To test; remember the time you felt confusion.  As soon as it is just about to begin, take the quick deep breath and switch your state to excitement.  That’s right!  You can feel excitement everytime you get confused.  What do you suppose that will do for you?

Your body and mind are connected and interrelated; they are interconnected systems.  One thing affects the other.  A change in state, like switching from confusion to excitement will generate new resources and new ways of feeling that give you new perspectives and you do know that more choice is better than experiencing life as if you have no choice.  That path can leave you stuck.  The way out is to hook up ‘excitement’ to confusion every time it happens so you experience more choice in every life situation now.  Excellent!!!

Remember the 5-Point Formula for Success:pee

1. Know your outcome.  2. Know how you will know when you have it.  3. Take immediate and decisive action toward achieving your outcome. 4. Have sensory awareness.  5 Have behavioral flexibility.