How to Choose an NLP Training Organization

How Do I Choose an NLP Training Organization?, … you may ask.

I recently got a question about how to choose an NLP trainer and the best NLP training institute. Another question is, “What are the criteria for becoming an NLP Practitioner?”

As with many educational paths, there are no laws in my state of Arizona, or, for that matter, anywhere in the US regarding who is authorized to practice as an NLP Practitioner, with the possible exceptions in 3 states where some minor legislation puts NLP under a medical umbrella.  In short, there’s generally no direct governmental control over the field of NLP.  Therefore, anyone can say they are a NLP’er legally and ‘hang a shingle’ to do business as a practitioner of NLP.  However, that does not mean you can find a recognized competent practitioner of NLP.  The NLP field sets its own rules and regulations to give recognition and it certifies through associations.

When you are certified through my training institute, NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute you are certified as an NLP Practitioner.  You can also pay a small fee to receive broader recognition from Global Community of NLP and the American Board of NLP from which I am a recognized training institute.  As for finding a qualified NLP trainer, I am also a Certified NLP Master Trainer, the highest level attainable in the field and you can trust these credentials and read my website pages to see that my business background, with my extensive work with corporate culture change, nutritional medicine and holistic health, negotiating, and sales work history are a match for you.

If you are researching NLP training to decide your best options, you also want to know your trainer has some experience.  I have been a leader in the field of NLP for more than 25 years and I have studied with many of the big name NLP personalities in the field at one time or another. Some agreed upon requirements by certifying boards for you to become an NLP Practitioner include a minimum of 120 hours of training and usually some written and behavior testing to insure fairly specific knowledge and ability to perform NLP patterns and skills.  A list of these requirements is on my website and would or should be on the website of any credible trainer in this field.  For your information, only about 10-20% of my NLP Practitoner students are planning to become NLP Coaches as a livlihood.  Most students will use the skills they learn to excel in their own business and personal life.  The percentages go up with NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer Certifications.

NLP is useful to virtually any life path.  Teachers, lawyers, counselors, body workers, bankers, real estate pros, or just to deal with your own issues and help friends and relatives.  I get them all in my classes.

The bottom line is that in choosing your best match for NLP Trainer, all the criteria above will not insure you find the right trainer.  You want someone who can stand for themselves and more importantly will stand for you.  Some students will learn skills sufficiently in big classes and many will do better with smaller, more intimate, focused curriculum and teaching styles.  You probably want a trainer who is bold enough to say they are the best.  When you leave my training program, I expect you to have an amazing amount of confidence in yourself.  Those who practice immediately and continue to learn make the best NLP Practitioners.  I don’t want you to be arrogant about your abilities, but I do want you coming away with a sense you can do just about anything in life.  That will get you past an amazing amount of hesitation and you will find yourself building skills that are undeniable and will propel you into a great future regardless of how you are applying what you have learned.

Contact me at 602 321-7192 and if you are able, attend one of the free events on the calendar at  I look forward to a long and successful relationship with you as an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, or NLP Trainer.

By Bill Thomason

NLP Success Coach and Certified NLP Master Trainer