Change Bad Feelings

Change Bad Feelings
This NLP Life Change Pattern is adapted from Richard Bandler’s book, Get The Life You Want. It uses submodality shifts to change the emotional reaction a person has to someone in his or her life. It is simple and elegant. Just follow the suggestions below.
Here’s the pattern:

1. Think of a person who annoys you. Access an image of the person who annoys, irritates, or intimidates you. Imagine what this person looks and sounds like when he/she is doing what he/she does when you feel the ‘bad feelings.’ Notice where you feel these feelings most in your body.

2. Change the submodalities. Make the image of the person go black and white and allow it to shrink smaller and smaller to about 1/8th of the original size. Notice the changes in the intensity of feeling as you change how you represent the picture to yourself. You can put a clown’s face on the person, and a big red nose that you can squeeze and hear the ‘honk, honk’ sound. Put big clown’s shoes on the person and notice how he/she has to waddle around with those big shoes. If you are laughing, that is perfect. The more ridiculous, the better.

3. Hear the person talk in a Mickey Mouse voice now. You can use a Donald Duck, Sylvester the Cat or Yosemite Sam voice if you prefer.

4. Notice that you feel different. Break state. Come back to present and look around the room or other place where you are and focus on a couple of objects, or remember what you had for lunch yesterday. Then think of the person again and notice that you still feel different. You now represent the person to yourself differently and you can check your feelings later today or tomorrow or the next day and those feelings will continue to be significant less intense or you may start laughing immediately each time. You can expect that there will be a future time you are exposed to the person and you will never have those old feelings in the same way ever again, can’t you? Imagine that. Seriously, think of a situation in the future when before you would have had the old feelings, and now you have a completely different feeling.

5. Notice that you will feel differently now and in the future you will notice that you have more of the good feelings that want to have in similar situations with the person and others who may have been difficult for you in the past. Great! Excellent!