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What is Heartistic Transformation(C)?

What is Heartistic Transformation©? It rhymes with ‘artistic.’  It must be about ‘heart’; as in ‘heart-based,’ or having to do with matters of ‘the heart’ more than ‘the head.’  ‘Heartistic’ might then be based more upon how something feels.  We tend to say, right action is ‘heart felt’ and ‘sounds right’ in our common language. …Read More

Uses of ‘Presuppositions’ in NLP

Presuppositions in NLP NLP Practitioners use the word ‘presupposition’ in two ways.  One way refers to the belief systems of highly successful people in any area of life and the other is specific to language patterns and how language can be used to implant thoughts and images and that can lead to specific actions. Presuppositions…Read More

Frame Games

We all play games. The kinds of games we play with each other can be fun and positive in nature or they can be ‘toxic.’ If you can begin to think of difficult relationships as games you are involved in, you can take unresourceful events in a more positive way and you’ll be able to get some freedom in how you respond the toxic behaviors that are often acted out.

Strategies for Family Businesses

most companies are just large families. It is more apparent in smaller companies, but often just as obvious with Fortune 500 companies, that people get hired and what they do is, reinact whatever family patterns they grew up with right in the workplace. Associates and managers become surrogates for siblings and parents.