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Language Patterns

I explain basic Language Patterns as two (2) ends of the Meta Model. One end is about getting more precise with language and filling in missing information for a more complete expression.. The other is the Milton Model end that is more about being ‘artfully vague.’

Infusing Total Love in Heartistic Transformation©

…the whole coaching protocol that I’ve been calling Heartistic Transformation©. Occasionally I have a client who says “I’ve never experienced the kind of ‘Total Love’ that you are asking me to infuse into every part of my life?”…if anyone produces an excellent behavior, like looking at you through loving eyes; the behavior can be modeled. Just because my client doesn’t immediately relate to knowing that they are capable of loving in this way or gets confused trying to decide if they are doing it right, doesn’t mean that you can’t elicit a clear example of someone loving them.