Welcome to My New Blog!

Hi 🙂 I am just back from training the 10-Day NLP Practitioner and Coach Certification in Sedona Arizona.  We had some beautiful sunny days and got a few hikes in and we had some rain and snow, but not enough to slow down the learning.  Thanks to those people who came up from Phoenix on the weekends to learn and support the ongoing training participants.  The training was a great success.  Contact Bill for the next NLP Practitioner Certification at 602 321-7192.

One thought on “Welcome to My New Blog!

  1. Bill Thomason

    Hello, I am Bill Thomason. Welcome to my new website and blog. This NLP Life Coach website is designed to showcase and inform you about the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute and related events and special offers. Bill Thomason started NLP Skills Training in 1991while still living in Dallas, Texas. In 2003 the name changed to NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute to incorporate aspects of the coaching model. NLP Coaching transforms lives by providing profound personal change and business excellence through life coaching and business executive coaching, workshops and seminar, and through certification programs in NLP, Hypnosis, and Coaching.

    As technology continues to evolve, so does the way NLP Life Coaching is delivered and showcased. With this new web presence and blog, a more informative conversation begins that can educate and create direct positive change in behavior and impact real-life results. NLP Skills can now be provided in a cost effective manner that utilize media in a more integrated and effective way that is accessible in the comfort your home or office setting. Please invest a few moments in yourself as you read the web pages and blog entries.

    You are invited.Please participate by posting your thoughts and experience. Sign up for FREE stuff and register for workshops and seminars. Check out the ongoing schedule of events. Nothing can replace the value of direct participation in a workshop or seminar with a masterful NLP Trainer and Coach like Bill Thomason. Bill says that “NLP is an experiential science. You won’t get that from reading about it or intellectualizing. You have to experience it in a hands-on manner to get the full value at the tissue-level of your being and you can only get that fully with training and coaching.”

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