Big Toe Anxiety Eliminator

Here’s the other process for anxiety. I got this from Genie LaBorde. She wrote the book, Influencing with Integrity. I sort of remember this process from years ago, but I did not remember the application. Genie says it is very effective. I’d use all these processes/patterns together if there is time/opportunity with the client. Check it out:

For your client/friend with Anxiety (and I suspect compulsive behaviors of various kinds), have him/her think about or otherwise represent the anxious experience to self. Anchor it by asking where in the body he/she feels it. Break state. Remember anxiety is fear about something that has not happened yet. It’s irrational by definition. (Note: It might be necessary to set a bailout anchor for some clients before step 1 so you can fire it to get them out of the focus on the anxious pattern) Now have your client focus attention (7 + o r – 2 b.o.i.) on his/her big toe. When he/she can put attention there successfully for 90 seconds, switch to the other big toe until 90 seconds is achieved. (I start with similar focusing for relaxation self hypnosis with some clients so they learn to relax. I teach them to do it for themselves and recommend a few times per day.) The next steps are to focus attention on another body part and then another. The outcome you are looking for is to get your client/friend into the present moment. Anchor enough body parts that he/she can repeat the process for themselves. The more he/she comes back to present, the more control they are going to have over the anxiety. Future pace the ability to focus to a few moments when the person now has control over responses.

Note: If your person does not get fully associated to attention on big toe or other body part the first time, don’t worry. This is one of those ‘the more you do it, the deeper it goes, the easier it is to do’ things.

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