Basic NLP Patterns and Strategies

Basic NLP Patterns and Strategies in Using NLP


I was in an NLP coaching session with a client and my client started summing up what he got from the conversation we were having.  He said, “So, if you can imagine yourself out of your involvement in the present moment of being stuck in your perspective of fears, doubts, or any other unresourceful state, you can separate from the emotion and make a more logical choice.”  Well, that was about right and it brought up another thought about the subject for me.  I said, “what it also does, is gets you to a place (perspective) where you are free to align and apply your values in a way you might not be able to see from inside the situation.”  That brought up a couple of other thoughts along similar lines.

One was that ‘future pacing’ is another way to get to a separate perspective.  I am always teaching that the way to build a pyramid is to imagine a pyramid first as if it were already completed and go into that picture.  Represent to yourself what you will specifically be seeing; including color, movements, brightness, distance, and size and enhance it in as may ways as possible.  Then notice what you are hearing as you are already in the completed moment; including type of sound as in wind or music, or voices, volume, rhythm, continuing or with stops and starts and enhance that in as many ways as possible.  And then, don’t forget to notice external feelings like air on your face, pressure, textures and other tactile sensations. Then allow yourself to be aware and create emotional labels for internal feelings including where it seems to be most expressed in your body. Enhance all of it.  Repeat enhancement a few times more intensely each time you do, until your whole body is filled with the sensations available as you generate feeling even more intensely. Check for how you moved yourself into a more enhanced state and that you have the energy to succeed and be more creative in the way you make the best choices available and how that enhances your confidence in how you make good decisions in general.  You might even choose to notice that taking action has become more automatic.

From the state you can create as you imagine and fully represent the completed outcome you will notice that you have anchored a target state that will support you through any difficulties or unresourceful thoughts that might otherwise have interfered with achievement.  And wouldn’t it be great, having checked out how easily you snap your fingers and take yourself the completed outcome, if you could let those feeling go from your hand and the sound of your fingers snapping to let those good feeling and sensations now traveling up you arm into your body and expanding with each breath through moving your chest and then from the top of your head down through your body to the bottom of your toes.  Now snap you fingers again and let those feelings enhance each time you snap your fingers. Do it at least 3 times in row, now; anchoring the good feelings deeply.

Another thought was that you only have to be in ‘2nd Position’ to separate from your stuck states and limited resources in a given situation.  ‘2nd Position in NLP-speak is being the other person; the position of the ‘other.’  This is not the same as figuring out what the other person might think about it.  If you have been in conversation with any other for more than 3 minutes, you probably have an idea what their beliefs and values are; what’s important to them.  You can see what they they do with their own body, how they breath, their tonality when they speak.  You probably have some ide what what strategies they are most likely to use in getting what they want.  NOW, go in your mind and be where they are and simply be them.  Stand as that person stands; breath as you breath when you are this person now.  You should notice your language shifted to “I” statements because you are no longer being the you over there, you are being the Other. Second Position or Other is being the other person and you may notice as you practice this ‘state’ that you are separated from the limiting beliefs that were preventing your success.  The Other operates from a different set of values and beliefs.  What are some of them?  Notice any new insights you are experiencing as you are being Other.  Then step out of Other into a 3rd Position; any other position that allows you to be an Observer (of Self and Other).  Notice that you can easily access new thoughts and strategies and that you have different insights from 3rd Position.  What solutions are now available?  Consider ecology. Is it a good thing?  Does the solution get you want you actually want?  Is there an impact on friends, family, and larger community that needs to be factored in?  Make the choice. Trust yourself!  Take immediate and decisive action in the direction of your outcome.

NOW!  If you have followed along and actively through this exercise, you will have demonstrated why NLP processes are so effective in creating resourceful behavior.  If you should have any questions, want to know more secrets of success, or are interested in NLP Coaching sessions or workshop information please contact me.

Article by Bill Thomason