You Cannot NOT Communicate

NLP Presupposition:

  • You Cannot NOT Communicate

People are communicating all the time.  Some people believe they can avoid personal responsibility by simply saying nothing. Some believe their thoughts are not wanted.  Sometimes people even try to withhold communications.  What any individual does, doesn’t do, and any number of non-verbal signals are all communicating something.  In addition, people are often unaware of the power of their actions and verbalizations and it is generally better to take responsibility for communications whether conscious or unconscious.  It is possible to find out how communications land on other people and within oneself.

  • There Is No Excuse for Ignorance

Corollary to the NLP Presupposition above.  Your only defense is knowledge.  Without these communication skills,  you are easily manipulated by unscrupulous people, advertisers, the government, etc.  On one hand, it’s better to learn these communication skills and on the other, it is irresponsible to hurt and abuse people whether done consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly.  Individuals often are not aware of their power in influencing others, and that is not a valid excuse.  The damage is done either way.