The Change Anger Pattern

The Change Anger Pattern
An NLP Life-Change Pattern

Note: This pattern is utilized Richard Bandler’s idea that the feelings around an issue tend to have movement. You will want to notice when you are in the emotion whether the feelings are spinning up and over, down and back the opposite direction, or right to left, or left to right.

Benefits: Anger has a positive intent and purpose. It helps you mobilize your energy and gets you ready for action. Anger is almost by definition out of control and harmful to the body. The benefits of the Change Anger Pattern are many including that you become the Master of Your States.

1. Think of a specific time when you were angry. As with almost all NLP patterns, you will want to pick a specific event. Think of a specific moment in time. This is different than thinking about it in a general way. Put yourself in the event as if it is happening now. And as you do, NOW, become aware of the feelings in your body and notice where those feelings start and where they go.

2. Imagine you can push the spinning sensation of the feeling out in front of you a couple of feet. Act as if you can and find that are able to.

3. Turn it (the spinning) inside out and spin it the other way. If it was spinning right to left, now have it spin left to right for example. Bring it back inside yourself continuing the spin in the new direction. Speed it up, slow it down, speed it up again and notice the changes. It may feel better or worse, more intense or less, and it may cause some disorientation. That’s not unusual with this pattern. Be willing to be slightly uncomfortable in order to make the changes now.

4. Keep it spinning fast. Now think of the thing that you used to feel angry about and notice that it now different.

That’s the basic pattern. Of course, you can Past Pace.

5. Think of another time you felt anger and do the same process noticing how you experience it differently now that you have and are utilizing the spinning technique.

And you can Future Pace.

6. Think of a time in the future that you are sure would have elicited anger in the past from you and allow yourself to feel differently about it now as you simply have changed the direction or spin. 7. Do it with lots of situations and notice the pattern becomes automatic with repetition and soon you won’t have to consciously do the pattern. It will have become automatic now.