Monthly Archives: February 2010

Future of Management

The NLP Model for coaching includes 4 Steps to Achievement: 1. Know where you are. 2. Know where you want to go, 3. Make a plan, and 4. Follow the plan. The book The Future of Management by Gary Hamel with Bill Breen, calls for paradigm shifts in business management and the way business thinks…Read More

Values Conflicts

Values are described as those things that we will expend time, energy and effort to either move toward or away from in life. A primary skill from my NLP Practitioner Certification program is learning how to elicit values. Values are elicited anytime you ask the question, “What is important about ‘X’?” I often say the…Read More

Does inflexibility of NLP trainer stifle creativity?

A comment from an NLP social media group referenced a trainer who chastized a participant for doing a hypnotic induction with his partner in an exercise instead of the specific exercise requested.  Was the instructor guilty of stifling creativity?  The answer is:  I don’t know; I was not there.  However, it has me thinking about training….Read More