Sarah James – “Who Am I?”

This is from my social media internet friend Sarah James and I think it is worth taking a moment to read and take in for yourself:

Contemplation: Who am I?

I realized something today that Empowered me and brought me to a place of Full awareness.

QUESTION: Do you know at any time, that you have the Power to change the dream?

If you Don’t like what you are seeing or getting then change YOUR dream!! It’s your creation…..

Awareness is about coming to the full Assurance of knowing who you are, awaking from the DREAM, and taking one’s place in the grand Scheme of things. We all are messengers who share the TRUTH with the lives that we lead. Do you like the message your life is telling? Once we see ourselves as we truly are, harmony begins to RETURN to our being, our planet and mankind.

Observation: When emotions go haywire

Once we reprogram our wrong thinking and have learned to master the dream and rule over our creation do we still have use for our emotions and instincts? If so are they trustworthy?
I believe the answer is yes, when we learn to listen instead of react to them. Our feelings were given to us to experience the beauty all around us for our delight, as well as a guide. Once we have moved past our previous programming, and experience FULL awareness we can confidently trust our emotions and instincts to guide us in every situation.

Think of it this way: Just as pleasure and pain tell the physical body that something is good or wrong; all emotions (negative and positive) along with our instincts are signals to the metaphysical body informing us that something is going on. The signals are just guides, and like all indicators we must go deeper to get to the bottom of it; and find its source.

Today I went through a whole thought process: I felt negative emotions rising up and right away I wanted to react to them, but I could not. Then my mind tried to deny them, just to protect me and give me some relief from the intense emotion, but I would not allow it. I meditated on the thought until finally I was able to listen to what was going on allowing the thought of the emotion to take me to the source of the pain.

First I wanted to make sure that I was seeing things clearly and wasn’t looking at the situation from an old mindset. I allowed my mind to bring every instance associate with this thought to mind and I began evaluating it, to what I knew as truth. Once I realized that I was seeing the situation clearly, I decided to take action!!

Now let me be absolutely CLEAR on the proper action that can be taken in any situation. First start with Yourself! To do that you just make sure that you are seeing the situation CLEARLY as it is, not as you are! If you are looking at things from an old mindset your view is distorted and you need to adjust the view.

What if you are seeing the situation for what it truly is, then what? Well then it’s time for you to take action. As I said above if you don’t like what you are seeing or getting then change the dream. You can’t expect other people to change to fit your dream, that isn’t respecting them. If the situation isn’t what you want or desire then change it. Make the decision to go in a new direction or get out of the situation, or both, but don’t sit there and do nothing. REMEMBER this is your dream, and it should reflect what you desire, not what others think it should. Also don’t try to change others to fit your dream, nor allow others to change you to fit theirs. Always start and end with You!!

As for me I chose to do both, and now I’m dreaming a new dream, one of my own choosing and desire.

I welcome all thoughts and comments about this post. Please free to add or give a different viewpoint of what was stated above:))
Sarah James

Bill Thomason
NLP Success Coach
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