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About the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute

Business Executive Coaching in Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques in Paradise Valley, AZ

The NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute

NLP Skills TrainingThe NLP Skills Training Institute was started in 1991 in Dallas, Texas, by Bill Thomason to provide technologies for profound personal change and business excellence.  The company moved to Arizona and Bill changed the name in 2005 to The NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute.

The NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute provides Executive Coaching at the personal (life coaching) and business (executive coaching) levels.  NLP Skills Training also provides workshops and seminars through various levels of certification in NLP, Coaching, and Core Decisional Repatterning(c).  In addition, the institute provides business culture change, leadership, team alignment, team building, negotiating, selling, and customer service programs based on a weaving of NLP, Breakthrough, and Behavior Modeling technologies.  Other threads include Systems Theory, Cybernetics, Cultural Anthropology, Metaphor, MetaProgram Profiling, Body Language, Presenting/Public Speaking, Listening Theory, Communication Theory, and more.


The intention of the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute is to deliver high performance coaching and training solutions that will transform individuals and the business community.  By training NLP Practitioners to become world-class NLP Master Practitioners and NLP Trainers we will deliver excellence to the global business and coaching marketplace.


Our coaches are well-skilled and have the experience to help you achieve more than you ever thought possible. We do not believe people are broken. We believe that you have all the resources necessary to achieve any outcome you want in life. It is just that people tend to have some of their resources organized in a way that prevents them from getting the goals they set for themselves. Expect first to be heard and the tools to actually change unwanted behaviors quickly, easily, safely, and relatively painlessly.

Click here for NLP Life Coaching: www.nlplifecoachphoenix.com.


Business Coaching and TrainingBusinesses consisting of high functioning teams are our specialty.  We are committed to two things; 1. relationship, 2. results.  We ask you, "Why not choose to create a culture where people love to come to work and at the same time hold each other to account for what we say we want to accomplish."  That is excellence.

We recognize that an intervention in the way an organization communicates and operates looks like a risk to many people in the orgainzation.  Assuming you are still in business in today's marketplace, you have done some things right.  Our trainer's know they often have only one chance to make a difference with an individual or inside an entire culture.  That is balanced with a sensitivity to indivdual concerns that making changes in behavior can be uncomfortable and counter-intuitive to people involved.  After all, changes could make things worse than better.  You can count on our coaches and trainers to stand for the people and for the outcomes you say you want. We say that communication is critical and anything can be worked out inside a conversation with commitment to relationship and results. That is our stand.

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Business References:

  • Saber Enterprises, Houston, TX
  • Weakley and Company, Dallas
  • Cortright, Inc., Dallas
  • Andy Magnus & Co., Ft. Worth
  • MCI, Dallas
  • City of Dallas Police Recruiting
  • Crane Defense, Conroe, TX
  • The Language & Behavior Institute, Uraguay, S. America
  • Sedona Red Rock News, AZ
  • Davisson Clinics, Dallas
  • Mentor International, Phoenix
  • NOW! Mind Technologies, Phoenix


Companies Bill Thomason has worked with through Malandro Communication, Inc:

  • Rohm & Haas, Chemicals, Philadelphia, PA
  • Placer Dome, Gold Mining, Vancouver, BC, CAN
  • Sun Microsystems, computers, Palo Alto, CA
  • Information Resources, Inc., Information Systems, Boston, MA/Philadelphia, PA
  • Okidata, Computer Printers, Mt. Laurel, NJ
  • CNA, Insurance, Chicago, IL
  • Zurich US, Insurance, Chicago, IL
  • Salt River Project, Public Utility, Pheonix, AZ
  • Scottsdale Insurance, Phoenix, AZ
  • Nationwide Insurance, Phoenix, AZ
  • Agrium Fertilizer Canada, Calgary, Alberta, CAN
  • Nexen Inc., Calgary, Alberta, CAN
  • Farm Credit Canada, Regina, CAN
  • Tempe Dental, Communication Skills/Practice Enhancement, Phoenix, AZ
  • Intel, Chandler, AZ


Contact Bill Thomason for private NLP Success Coaching sessions, for NLP workshops and seminars to certification level or for business programs at (602) 321-7192. Click Here to contact and you can check out the website at www.nlpskills.com.

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Bill Thomason is available for coaching and training worldwide and has worked extensively throughout the US and Canada.