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About the NLP coaching and skills training institute

The NLP Skills Training Institute was founded in 1991 by Bill Thomason to help many achieve skills and tools necessary to change their lives and thinking patterns.

About Bill Thomason
Bill Thomason is an NLP Executive Coach and Certified NLP Master Trainer with breakthrough skills that can help you make the changes necessary to achieve your goals, improve your relationships, and change your life.

About The Institute
The NLP Skills Training Institute was started in 1991 in Dallas, Texas, by Bill Thomason to provide technologies for profound personal change and business excellence. The company moved to Arizona and Bill changed the name in 2005 to The NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute.

About GCNLP Association
Get connected with NLP-related training, certification programs, conferences and conventions, and more all around the globe. Join our global membership today!

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