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Are you a student, teacher, or parent? Are you going back to school, passing, or failing?  Are you a business person, manager, sales person, entrepreneur, doctor, or lawyer?  Do you have the desire to learn more, do more, be more?  If you are willing to do more than just "make the grade;" NOW you can EXCELERATE your ability to learn. 

If it is not working, EXCELERATE IT!  The truth is that our American educational system is failing and has been failing for a long time now.  The way that most of us were taught was fine at the turn of the last century as humans moved fully into the Industrial Age.  We needed an educated work force to handle manufacturing.  A mass educational program was undertaken that targeted the middle level to teach each student the same subjects in exactly the same way.   

Excelerated Learning© is for you if you want to enhance what you are capable of achieving.  There are three parts of this seminar.      

1.  Why to.  You will never make A's in school or become successful in your business until you have a compelling reason to achieve.  In addition, this program will help you explore your beliefs about your ability to learn.  You will identify the limitations in your programming and change limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs that support success in getting what you say you want in life.  And you will make a plan for achievement.     

2. The Energy to.  Ability is state related.  You will learn what to do to enhance your ability to learn including how to master your states.     

3. How to.  The techniques.  There is are also exercises designed to specifically expand your awareness and ability to take in integrate new input.  

Bill Thomason will be your presenter and instructor.  Bill has combined  his years of experience in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Advanced Behavioral Modeling, with Accelerated Learning, Super Learning, and Profound Memory techniques.  Some of these techniques date back to ancient Greece.  Bill says he went back to college after 20 years and he applied many of the techniques you will learn in this Excelerated Learning seminar.  Bill was on the Dean's List as he finished up a degree in Psychology.  Bill says if he can go from a C average to an A average; you can do it too because these techniques work.

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