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The Total-Win mindset Workshop

Join the Total Win Workshop dedicated towards negotiation for personal and business applications. Interactive business seminar includes role playing exercises of negotiation models.

Five (5) Steps to Total Win Negotiating

There are common misconceptions about negotiating.  First, people think they don’t negotiate; but the truth is that you negotiate for everything you have in your life. Why not get better at it?  Secondly, people tend to believe that negotiating is hard and they go into a negotiating situation operating from fear.  They believe they will lose something.  They ‘dig their heals in’ and get stuck in defensive postures.  They also tend to believe that someone has to lose for someone else to win.  Most people think that the ‘tit for tat’ back and forth haggling over something where one side tries to get the other side to compromise is negotiating.  These are very old ways of thinking about negotiating. 

The idea behind Total Win Negotiating is the premise that there’s almost always more on the table than people realize.  In addition, Total Win Negotiating makes sure that the other party’s interests are met.  To do that, you have to switch the game from old style negotiating to what the Harvard School of Law’s ‘Negotiation Project’ termed ‘Principled Negotiating.’  Total Win is a simplified version of Principled Negotiating and it has been modeled by NLP professionals to give a level of proficiency in a relatively short period of time.

Introduction Preparation

Attend this 3-Day NLP Total Win Negotiating workshop and learn the model of principled negotiating, dealing with conflict, get to the real issue, counter hard moves. There's always more on the table.

Countering Hard Moves Old negotiating models were zero-sum, someone wins someone loses. The Total Win Mindset makes sure all parties interests are satisfied.


Five Steps to Total Win (Principled) Negotiating Outline

  1. Establish or Reestablish Relationships (rapport)
  2. Establish the Total Win Mindset
    1. Clean Up past emotional issues
    2. State the situation from 2nd Position first and then 1st Position
    3. Get to the real issue
    4. Allow Brainstorming to occur
  3. Generate Options
    1. Yours
    2. Mine
    3. That’s An Option
  4. Find Mutual Outcomes
  5. Close
    1. Dovetail Outcomes
    2. Plan for future meetings (handle details)
    3. End on Relationship

Prepare to negotiate:

  • Outcome - Know the outcome you want and think through what the outcome is for the other parties.
  • BATNA - You want to know your BATNA from 2nd Position first.  (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement)  If you have to walk away from the table, what’s the best place to stand (smartest way of thinking about what you want to accomplish) so that you can negotiate from a powerful position.
  • Values & Beliefs - Identify and explore the values and beliefs of the other parties involved (2nd Position first)
  • Strategies - Know the most likely strategies from 2nd Position and then from 1st Position.  Include what Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic sequences of the other parties that are most likely to give you the ability to influence parties effectively.  Know your own VAK strategies.
  • States - Decide what state you want to be in and what state you want the other parties to be in at each phase of the negotiation.  Anchor your states powerfully so you have access to them anytime during the negotiation.
  • Metaprograms Know Metaprogram patterns for each party and communicate in the preferred style of the person you are addressing at any moment.
  • Clean Up – Identify past situations that might be areas you can apologize for and clean the slate about
  • Real Issue – Explore the most likely real issues underneath the position. 

Feedback and Testimonials

Total-Win Negotiating Testimonial References
“Bill, your Total Win Negotiating seminar has transformed my law practice. As a female in a very male dominated business, I used to have real difficulty fighting with other lawyers for my clients and between clients in my family law practice. Husbands and wives often just want to hurt each other and often regardless of the cost. Some attorneys just want to win and at any cost. I was becoming hard from having to deal with it every day and it was affected everything in my life. Now, I know I don’t have to be stuck in an adversarial paradigm. I can usually switch the game and go with principle. It’s magic when people sit down at a table and start generating mutual outcomes. I’ve learned to use the skills you taught me in every aspect of my business and my personal life is easier and more relaxed because of it.”
Janice Palmer (2010)
1741 W. Del Rio
Chandler, AZ 85224
(480) 820-4771 Business
(480) 510-0556 Personal
Email: janice@palmerlawaz.com

“Hey, things are going GREAT! Total-Win Negotiating has turned my life around. I have listed more thatn $20M in hotel properties and we are about to close another big property. I’m meeting lots of women and it’s going GREAT. I just can’t say enough about what you have done for me and the time you took with me.”
Judd Uhre (2004)
Commercial Real Estate Broker
5151 N 16th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 201-2622
Email: UhreJ3@aol.com

“The management of Grand Gateway Hotel was dysfunctional in the past between the siblings who were always fighting for position and power. I think we lost a lot of business because decisions were simply not made in a timely fashion. Bill taught us the Total-Win Negotiating model to give us a process for how to come to decisions and overcoming conflicts. Thank you, Bill.”
Leslie Sherry (2008)
Grand Gateway Hotel
Cell Phone: (856)430-2377
Email: lesliesherry@yahoo.com

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